Board Member
Hazel Heckers

Hazel has a graduate Degree in Jungian Psychology.  After working as a therapist in hospice for a number of years, Hazel discovered  victim assistance. She has been a victim advocate since the 1980's, when the movement was just beginning, and has been honored to be able to participate in making the movement into a respected profession.  As a victim advocate, Hazel has become a respected expert in the areas of crimes against the elderly and at risk adults, and working with the family and loved ones of homicide victims and missing persons.  She is also considered an expert in the crimes of identity theft, fraud, related cyber crimes and romance scams.  Hazel is currently serving as the Victim Assistance Coordinator for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. In that role, she worked to establish the nation's first 24 hour ID theft & Fraud hotline, and facilitates a one of a kind support group for the families of missing persons. Hazel is the 2014 recipient of the U.S. Department of Justice National Crime Victim Service Award. Other honors include Excellence in Service from National TRIAD, Woman of the Year from Domestic Violence Initiatives, Excellence in Service Award from the Colorado Department of Human Services, and Excellence in Service and Team Excellence Awards from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Department of Public Safety.