Board Member
Manige Giles

Manige Giles is the Director of National Outreach for the National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First. Though she has a passion for advocacy and culturally responsive service provision, she came to Nurse-Family Partnership because she knows first-hand the power of the model - having herself graduated from the program in 2009. She has spent much of her career working the field of sexual health, focusing through the lenses of HIV/AIDS, Harm Reduction, and comprehensive sexual health education. She is a certified Birth Doula, Medical Case Manager, OWL (Our Whole Lives) Social and Sexual Health Educator, and holds degrees in Genders and Sexualities, and Human Services. She has lived on both sides of the work of RMvLC and is excited to join the board to elevate  victims’ voices and ensure that everyone in Colorado knows there IS a place that can help.