Colorado Victim Rights Act

In Colorado, victims of crime in criminal cases have specific rights under the Colorado Victim Rights Act (VRA). This includes the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect as well as to be informed, present, and heard at certain critical stages of the criminal justice process. To read more about the VRA and the rights of victims in criminal cases, click here.

Legal Rights under Title IX

Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments of 1972 requires that no one be excluded from participation in any education program on the basis of sex. Survivors of gender-based violence in school settings have specific rights under Title IX, including the right to safety measures and accommodations to ensure a survivor can access their education.  Schools are also required to have a procedure for handling complaints, and protection from retaliation. For more information on Title IX rights, click here.

Tips for Testifying 

The majority of victims who are subpoenaed to testify at trial have never done it before. It’s totally normal to be nervous. Just remember: Your only job is to tell the truth. No more, no less. This guidance was developed for use in criminal cases in Colorado. Please check your local jurisdiction for any variance.

Colorado Victim Rights Act 2022 Update

Did you know that the Colorado Victim Rights Act was updated in the last legislative session? Check out this video to learn what you need to know!